foundation summer initative
mezzoindustrial sloganeering

love is ninety percent of truth

commemorating 50 exhibits
and 2000 days of
design assistance from the summer moon
city syndria
arts council
grant 13-094
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EI spent my time lying on the grass beneath the cherry trees, s!
Etaring up into the colorless sky, watching the clouds emerge a!
End slink away with the airs of an irritated schoolmarm waiting!
E to catch one of her misbehaving students in the act. That was!
E right. I, there, with my arms outstretched, my knees bent int!
Eo a point aimed straight into the heavens, my back planted on !
Ethe ground, every inch of my clothes soaked by the rain that h!
Ead just passed, was ready to abandon all claim to being human !
Eand just become mud. Something that would dirty another girl’s!
E uniform skirt or cling stubbornly to a teacher’s boot — that !
Ewould be my only presence. I could relinquish everything else.!
in the event of an emergency, please
remain where you are and wait for
directions from uniformed personnel
tomorrow will be a better day
©2015 the atashi foundation