Re: [NX-25] Workshop shots

Natsuki (natsuki@█████)
Product Research & Development (artywebsite@█████)
5 March 2015, 20:41 UTC

At 2015-02-28T17:28:19Z, Akitsu <akitsu@█████> wrote:

It's a handmade beer bottle / soda can / coffee cup / mug cozy. I put in a layer of insulated fleece, so, theoretically, it should both protect you from heat and also help insulate hot/cold drinks. Also, it's totally reversible! :D

I got the prototype in the mail last night, and I'm happy to say that it's everything a foundation-branded product should aspire to be: it's warm, it's fluffy, and it prominently features the logo colors. My lightbox is out of commission, but here are some desk photos:

Unfortunately, supply chain issues are keeping us from formally launching this product line, where by "supply chain issues" I mean that I'm not about to force Akitsu to make every single unit by hand. Our Duchess of Swag is capable of amazing feats, but unless we can figure out a way to clone her and make those clones work in ways that are both ethically questionable and physically impossible, public distribution will have to be put on hold for the time being. I really like the thought of being the only person on the planet to have one of these anyway, so I don't consider ramping up production to be a high priority.

-- ntk